How unique are British Home Lifts?
British Home Lifts are distinct and innovative domestic lifts designed to help people with mobility problems. Our lifts are the best alternative to hydraulic home lift or stairlift.
Can your products align with the needs of wheelchair users?
Definitely yes. Our Trio Wheelchair lift is designed for the purpose and enables wheelchair users to move around their home effortlessly. Since it is wider than our Duo Home Lift model and can accommodate a wheelchair seamlessly, it is just perfect for wheelchair users and those that use walking frames.
How much space will your product occupy in my home?
Our products are reputed for having the smallest footprints. It doesn’t matter which model you choose; all our home lifts are designed to be compact.
Where can I install a British Home Lift?
Our home lifts are very flexible. Since our products come with distinct dual rail supports and one of a kind drive mechanism, they can be installed anywhere in your home. Due to the compactness, they can fit in easily even in small corners.

Generally, our home lifts are installed in the living room/hallway which travel upstairs to land in the master bedroom however there are other options as well that you can consider.

Does a British Home lift need load bearing walls?
No! Our dual rail system comes with self-supporting posts. This innovative technology
ensures there is no burden on your home.
In case the power fails and I am in my British home lift, what is the immediate step I can take?
Do not worry in case there is a power cut when you are in a British home lift. All our lifts are backed by battery support that enables you to descend to a lower level and safely come out of the lift. However, we can also offer uninterrupted power supply if you are ready to bear the additional cost. This enables you to move around your house unhindered, even when the main power supply is out.
Are British Home lifts noisy?
Our lifts are reputed for being silent. They do not need noisy hydraulics and operate on distinct drive systems.
Will I be required to carry our structural changes?
Our installation process involves minimal work and changes to your property structure. Our experienced surveyors and building specialists will discuss on the changes required and carry out the work efficiently.
How long do you take to install a British home lift?
Once you get the structure ready for installation, we can finish the work within 24 hours. The installation cost is included in the British Home lift quotation. We can organize if you are looking for a qualified builder to help you out in the pre-installation building work however, you are free to arrange it by yourself.
Suppose I move house or want to sell my property, what do I do with my British home lift?
Our domestic lift is very easy to remove. You can take it along if you are moving house. Moreover, the aperture opening can be reversed and sealed and there will be no clue that a lift was there. However, if you are selling your property, a lift can add great value; we recommend you to retain the domestic lift in such cases.
How safe is your lift?
Our domestic lift comes with safety sensors that can detect obstructions and stop the car smoothly if required. British Home Lifts engineers are also available round the clock to attend emergency calls.
Is it possible to modify the look of a British home lift?
Our lifts can be customized to suit your taste. The car colour, carpet and rail can be changed to align with your home. We also offer a range of handrails and seats.
What is the amount of energy a British home lift consumes?
Our lift is powered by the normal 13amp power socket, just like any other home appliance. You never have to worry about increased energy bills.
Does a British home lift require servicing?
We advise you to get your British home lift serviced at least once a year to make sure everything, including the safety features are in order.